Dinner Menu


Mazal'rella Poutine.  $12

crispy fries, pickled onions and jalapeno, mozzarella curds, SSU egg, anchovy gravy, herbs

Parmesan Truffle Fries  $11

garlic crema, ketchup, herbs

*add slow egg $2

Mozzarella Sticks $10

mozzarella, panko, pomodoro

Cheesy Guacamole Nachos $11

Guacamole, sour cream, pickled jalapeño, cheesy sauce

Bruschetta Du Chef $8

Ask server


                  Minestrone. $11                            

hearty pasta soup, parmesano, bread

Butternut Squash Soup.  $11

creamy roasted butternut squash, truffle oil, herbs, crostini

Fish Sticks $10

White Fish, beer batter, ketchp

Soup of the Day $11

Limited Avaibility

Seasonal Veggie  AntiPasti  $10

weekly market veggies, , rosemary incense,  

*add salmon $9, add tuna $11, add slow egg $2

Cripsy Fries $6

 ketchup, herbs

Jalapeno poppers $9

Cream cheese, panic

Garlic and Parmesan Bread $6


Add Salmon $9 , add Tuna $11, add avocado $4

Caesar salad.  $13.  

Market lettuce, romaine, cherry tomatoes, red onions, croutons, parmesano

Farmers Market Salad.  $13.  

weekly smfm lettuce, crudité, black cardamon vinaigrette

Venicoise Salad. $19  

endives, green beans, egg, olives, balsamic, seared tuna, red bliss

Caprese Salad $14

Tomatoes, mozza, peppers antipasti, balsamic

Salad Di Orangi $15

Arugula, mozzarella, roasted almond , orange, lemon vinaigrette

Kale & Quinoa $15

Cranberry-roasted almond ricotta balls, lemon dressing


Margherita.  $16

pomodor, marinated mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, basil, maldon, garlic oil

Arugula.  $17

Pesto, parmesano, cherry tomatoes, red onions, pigniola

Garlic Mushroom  $19

mushroom cream, parmesano, truffle oil, herbs

*add melted mozzarella $4

Artichoke & Feta $18

Roasted artichokes, olives, feta, tomatoes, herbs

Add Melted mozzarella $4

Uovo Diavola $17,5

spicy marinara, roasted jalapeños, feta, eggs

Add melted mozzarella $4, add anchovies $5, add tuna $11

Caprese $18

Tomato sauce , arugula pesto, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, pinenuts

Smoked Salmon $20

White cream, oregano, evil, smoked salmon, rosemary oil

Tunisian $21

Spicy shakshouka, bell peppers, olives, tuna, egg


Pomodoro Penne. $21

weekly vegetable picks, ricotta, arugula salad, tarragon oil

*add salmon $9, add tuna $11, add mushrooms $5

Eggplant penne. $20

roasted eggplants, bolognese, basil, garlic oil

*add salmon $9, add tuna $11, add mushrooms $5

Mushrooms Farfalle. $21

funghi cream, truffle oil, parmesano, slow egg

Limited availability please ask your server

 Alfredo Fettucine.  $19

tre formaggi, garlic, herbs

Grilled Salmon- pesto pasta $26

Arugula pesto, garlic, shallots, spagetti

Penne alarabiata $18

Spicy marinara, garlic, olive oil

Farfalle ala Putanesca $20

Capers, olives, anchovy, spices, parsley

Penne Pink Sauce$18

Marinara and alfredo sauce, parmesan

Salmon Fettucine $24

parmesano, wine, heavy cream, dill, shallots, shallots

Add Salmon 9$, add tuna 11$

Maccaroni and Cheese $15

Cheese sauce, Melted cheese on top

Grilled tuna and veggies $24

Fresh yellowfin tuna, roasted veggies

8oz Crispy Fish&Chips. $26

non-traditional fish and chips with aerated beer batter, crispy fries, tartar sauce, ketchup, lemon

Salmon Tartare $ 17

Arugula, avocado, shallots, dills


Mac & cheese. $12

White cheddar, gruyere, parmesano, macaroni

Kids Pizza   $14

pomodoro, white cheddar

Butter Noodles  $10 * add parmesan $2

Pomodoro Noodles  $12  *add white cheddar $2

Kids Fish & Chips  $17

ling cod, crispy fries, ketchup, lemon


Tira'rella. $11

our version of tiramisu, coffee soaked lady fingers, dark chocolate powder, ricotta-cream, crumbles, vanilla whipped cream

Apple cobbler. $10

roasted apples, cobbler crumbles, apple cider glaze, vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Lava Cake 10$

warm chocolate cake, vanilla IC, caramel, sea salt, walnut brittle dust

Cheese Cake $10

Strawberry coulis, whipped cream

Chocolate Pizza. $15

cweekly fruits picks, chocolat praline sauce, candied walnuts, vanilla whipped cream, dark chocolate powder

Churros $10

Choice of cinnamon sugar or choco sugar , chocolate sauce

Banana Split $15

Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, banana, whipped cream

Chocolate Fondue (for 2) $20

Weekly fruits , homemade chocolate, marshmallows, bretzels

Crepe $10  (seasonal)

Chocolate, whipped cream